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Short Duration Investments

Maximizing Returns



          The short duration segment of the high yield market offers attractive risk-adjusted returns with lower volatility.


          The 2008-2009 financial crisis and severe market reaction were a wake-up call that the world is interdependent and financial institutions are fragile.  It was also a reminder that effective portfolios are those which are diversified in different asset classes which are not highly correlated and where risk can be as important as return.

          While the markets have recovered since then, investors continue to search for market niches that offer the best risk-adjusted returns.  Today, while a 2008-2009 occurrence is less likely, worldwide “quantitative easing” (i.e. large increases in the money supply) in order to revive economic growth has moved us into unchartered waters.


BlackMINE Short Duration High Return Strategy

          The BlackMINE Capital Short Duration High return Strategy’s investment objective is to generate superior risk adjusted returns through a Real Estate portfolio of short duration investments. The investments in our short duration high return strategy consist of stalled developments and quick flip assets.


         Under normal market conditions, the portfolio is expected to have an average life of 1-3 years and an average return span of approximately 3-5 years.  The portfolio manager will shift towards those investment opportunities within the confines of the strategy that he believes represent the best risk/reward dynamics based on quantitative and qualitative research, market conditions and situation specific investment research.  The strategy may be unleveraged or leveraged, depending on a client’s requirements. In short, quick return with greater results.

Our Team

              The senior management team at BlackMINE Capital has extensive experience in the investment management industry.

BlackMINE Capital provides investment management services through affiliated managers and carefully selected unaffiliated sub advisers, each with a distinct investment philosophy, autonomous investment process and individual brand.

             Our multi-style, multi-manager approach offers advisors and their clients access to a broad array of investment alternatives to address real investment dilemmas and provide tangible investment solutions.

             Combining deep roots in finance with global experience, the individuals comprising the BlackMINE Capital’s team are the firm’s greatest asset. BlackMINE Capital’s investment team is disciplined, systematic and driven by “bottom-up” due diligence and analysis of investment opportunities. Team members have broad experience in private equity investing with professional backgrounds in accounting, commercial and investment banking, law, management consulting and operations.


              BlackMINE Capital’s finance and operations team is among the largest and most experienced in the business. Investor reporting is a priority for BlackMINE Capital , and the firm’s experienced operations team uses the latest portfolio monitoring technology to enable in-depth analysis of relevant portfolios.



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